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Ladbrokes is the largest betting company in the UK. Although William Hill used to top UK betting charts, Ladbrokes overtook them after their acquisition of Gala Coral in 2016. Ladbrokes were subsequently acquired by GVC Holdings in 2018 and maintained their number one spot for one more year before being knocked down to second place in 2020 by the merged company Flutter, which includes Betfair, PokerStars, Paddy Power and others. Ladbrokes is also one of the oldest bookies in the UK, established by Messrs Schwind and Pennington in 1886. Their business began at Ladbroke Hall in Warwickshire, where they cemented themselves as the bookmakers to the London upper class. Ladbrokes even made history by recruiting the first ever lady bookmaker – Ms. Helen Vernet, who in 1918 became a partner in the company and was the face of it for many years thereafter.

In 1956, after the death of Ms. Vernet, and in the face of declining business, Ladbrokes was sold to the Stein Family for £100,000; that's £2.6 million in today's money. The Stein's opened the first Ladbrokes betting shops in 1962 after the 1961 Betting and Gaming Act was passed, investing most of their profits into opening their first physical stores. They succeeded, becoming the first retail chain of bookmakers in the UK. As of 2019, there are 1,828 Ladbrokes betting shops open across the UK. The highest number of open Ladbrokes is in London, followed closely by Birmingham and Nottingham. Like other betting shops, you can gamble on a myriad of different events, including big reality TV competitions and politics; but Ladbrokes has predominantly stuck to focussing on the sports world, supporting more football and other sports leagues globally than any other bookies. If you're wondering about your local bookies opening times, Ladbrokes are available online 24/7 where you can gamble worldwide, and they offer an online casino to bet on favourites like blackjack and roulette.

Until 2005, betting shops had to close their doors by 6:30pm in Winter, which seriously hampered people's ability to enjoy their local bookies. If you worked 9-5pm, Monday to Friday, you had little to no chance of visiting the bookies after work before they closed. But thanks to the 2005 Gambling Act, that permitted bookies to extend their winter opening hours, the local bookies can now be the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day. Ladbrokes boast some of the longest branch opening hours in the UK. They have an average opening time of 8/9am to 9/10pm Monday to Friday, with some branches opening up to an hour later or closing up to an hour earlier. The best way to ensure you don't miss out on placing your bet is to google your local branches opening times using phrases like 'Ladbrokes opening times near me.' Alternatively, you can visit the Ladbrokes website and type your city name or postcode into their store finder to see a list of all the Ladbrokes in your area. Anyone over 18 can gamble or visit a Ladbrokes branch, where you might even pick up some tips from the local veterans!

Ladbrokes Saturday Opening Hours

Weekends are a particularly popular time to place bets. If you're looking for information on local bookies opening times on a Saturday, you've come to the right place. Your local Ladbrokes may open a little earlier and have a slightly longer opening day than Monday-Friday, but it varies across the country. For example, Ladbrokes in city centres are more likely to offer longer opening times on a Saturday than those further out of town. Ladbrokes usually open 8am or 8:30am and close anytime between 9-10pm on Saturday's; but it's always best to google your local branch to find out the specific hours near you using phrases such as 'Ladbrokes near me, opening times Saturday.'

Ladbrokes Sunday Opening Hours 

Before 1994, Sunday was a day of rest and no shops were permitted to open – with a few exceptions. That changed with the introduction of the Sunday Trading Act that permitted retail and betting shops to open on Sundays.

This opened up a whole new world for lovers of gambling. There's nothing better on a Sunday than rounding off your weekend with a visit to your local bookies to drink in the atmosphere, have a bite to eat and talk with others about the bets of the day. Today, every major betting chain in the UK open on Sundays, and Ladbrokes is no exception.

As before, Ladbrokes is available online 24/7, including Sundays. But if you prefer attending the local shop, you can check your local Ladbroke bookies opening times by typing 'Ladbrokes near me opening times Sunday' to find out the best options near you.

Nowadays, most betting shops have slightly shorter opening hours on Sunday's and you might find your local Ladbrokes opens an hour later Sunday mornings and closes an hour earlier on Sunday nights. It's worth checking before you go to make sure you don't miss out on placing your bet.

With all the online and in-store options available, finding time to visit the bookies has never been easier, so pop down your local today.

Ladbrokes Opening Times Today

Ladbrokes is one of the most prominent online sports betting and casino websites in the United Kingdom. Punters can place bets on sports such as football, hockey, horse racing and boxing, novelty bets such as who will win the next election, and casino games. Ladbrokes betting shops generally open between 7 am and 10 pm. However, open times vary depending on location. To find out the closing times or your local Ladbrokes opens, use the Store Locator to find the opening times for your local branch. Alternatively, you can place bets online or via mobile phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Additionally, you can now place bets on eSports, an area of the business which Ladbrokes are trying to grow. In August 2021, Ladbrokes Coral's parent company, Entain, acquired the eSports betting start-up Unikrn. eSports betting, a rapidly growing market, offers exciting new opportunities for punters. Not only can you place bets on who you think will win, but you can also bet on which game character they will win with, and much more.

Are Betting Shops Open on Bank Holidays?

Ladbrokes is open on bank holidays, excluding Christmas Day. However, if you'd like to gamble when your local branch is closed, never fear. Ladbrokes Online is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Boxing Day is a particularly popular day to place bets in the UK. This is because bookmakers such as Ladbrokes typically offer generous offers during this period, such as free bets on sports such as football and horse racing.

The History of Bookmaking

Gambling as we know it today began in the 1700s, and bookmakers have existed since that time. The first known bookmaker in the United Kingdom, Harry Ogden, operated a pitch on Newmarket Heath in Suffolk in the 1790s. He located himself far enough away from the Newmarket racecourse that he didn't get reprimanded by the owners but close enough that punters could come and place their bets on horses.

Harry Ogden realised that he could set prices differently depending on the performance of a given horse, rather than pricing all horses the same. This allowed punters to bet tactically; they could place a safe bet on the best-performing horse but with low returns or risk their money on a horse deemed less likely to win. If the horse deemed less likely to win crossed the finish line first, the punter would receive a higher payout. To ensure his business was profitable, Ogden built in a profit margin. The odds Ogden set did not reflect the horse's chances of winning, meaning he would take a small profit.

At this time, no laws were regulating the growing industry. Most bets were placed with an accompanying contract, and when disagreements arose, the two parties would try to settle the issue in court. However, gambling disagreements were overwhelming the court system. In response to the growth of the gambling industry, parliament introduced the 1845 Gaming Act. The act did not make betting illegal but acted to discourage gambling by making all wagers legally unenforceable. The result was that bookmakers could legally withhold pay-outs from punters.

Industry Regulation 

1960 Betting and Gaming Act

Today, gambling is heavily regulated to ensure consumers are protected. In the 1960s, the Conservative Government under Harold McMillan legalised betting shops under the 1960 Betting and Gaming Act. The act, which came into force on 1st January 1961, aimed to reduce illegal street gambling, which saw "runners" collecting money from punters. After 1st May 16961, 100 betting shops opened each week in the UK. Six months after this date, approximately 10,000 betting shops were in existence. As a result, the greyhound racing industry suffered financially as punters chose shops instead of racecourses.

1970 Gaming Act

The 1970 Gaming Act put more significant restrictions on bingo and slot machines, which were now subject to license and were placed under the jurisdiction of the Gaming Board. Nevertheless, by the late 1970s, there were over 15,000 betting shops in the UK, dominated by businesses such as Ladbrokes, Coral and Betfred.

Ladbrokes Bookmakers Opening Times Today

Ladbrokes was founded in 1886 by two men known only as Schwind and Pennington. The company started as commission agents for horses trained at Ladbroke Hall in Warwickshire, England. In 1902, the business adopted the name 'Ladbrokes' when Arthur Bendir joined the organisation. It was at this time that company operations moved to London.

Ladbrokes occupied various offices from 1902 to 1913, located in the Strand from 1902 to 1906, Hanover Square from 1906 to 1913, and Mayfair from 1913. From this point until the mid-1950s, Ladbrokes clients were from the upper classes, many were members of gentleman's clubs in Central London.

After the Second World War, Ladbrokes suffered a decline in business. In 1956, the company was purchased by Max Parker, who appointed his nephew, Cyril Stein, as Ladbrokes manager. Cyril Stein extended their customer base by advertising, introducing ante-post betting, taking bets on football and, after 1959, introducing novelty bets such as election results. In 1959, Ladbrokes set up their football subsidiary. In August 1960, the company started offering odds where the betting was based on selections made on a coupon.

The Impact of the 1960 Betting and Gaming Act 

At least to begin with, the major UK bookmakers, including Ladbrokes, did not show much interest in opening betting shops. In the early 1960s, Ladbrokes opened a chain of shops in the Isle of Wight. Ten years later, the company owned 660 betting shops. Pivotally, in 1967, Ladbrokes entered the London Stock Exchange at 50p per share. Growth continued well into the 1970s; from 1967 to 1973, the retail betting business expanded from less than 50 shops to well over 1,000 shops.

Expansion into the Real Estate Market 

In the early 1970s, Ladbrokes purchased several hotels, bingo clubs, holiday locations, casinos and real estate properties. Then, in 1975, the company purchased its first racecourse, Lingfield Park in Surrey. This acquisition was soon followed by other real estate investments, including Perry Barr Stadium in Birmingham and several other stadiums across the UK, including several greyhound racing stadia.

After financial setbacks in the late 1970s, Ladbrokes purchased a chain of Texas-based DIY shops and hotel chain Hilton International. Then, after Cyril Stein retired from Ladbrokes, the company began to focus on their key areas of business, hotels and gambling. 

Ladbrokes Bookies Opening Times Today

In 1998, Ladbrokes purchased Coral, a betting shop chain that owned 891 locations at the time. However, the company sold Coral after the Monopolies and Mergers Commission found that the acquisition of the betting company was anti-competitive. Coral was sold to private equity firm Morgan Grenfell in February 1999, barring 59 shops in Jersey and Ireland.

After purchasing several more hotels and casinos, Ladbrokes renamed itself Hilton Group plc. They renewed its focus on the hotel side of the business, which, at the time, represented approximately 80 per cent of the companies total assets. Then, in 1999, Hilton Group sold its gambling assets, including casinos and racetracks. 

Ladbrokes Acquires The Coral Group

In November 2016, Ladbrokes acquired The Coral Group, changing its name to Ladbrokes Coral Group plc. A year later, in December 2017, the Ladbrokes Coral Group was acquired by GVC Holdings, now Entain.

Ladbrokes Online

Since the proliferation of the internet, there has been a fundamental shift in how people gamble. While most gambling used to occur in betting shops, online gambling is now the largest industry sector, comprising 40% of the market. According to the Gambling Commission, one-quarter of adults in the United Kingdom have gambled online within the past four weeks.

A recent report into online gambling found that the most popular way to access online gambling in 2020 was via mobile phone, with three-quarters of 18 to 34-year-olds gambling using their mobile. However, just 14% of those aged 65 and over accessed gambling websites on their mobile.


Ladbrokes operates a mobile app that allows users to access the Sportsbook, poker room and casino from their mobile. To increase its user base, Ladbrokes incentivises people to use the app by giving them bonuses. Users can pay for their bets with payment options such as MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal, with a minimum deposit of £5. Ladbrokes online is known for its helpful customer support options. The company operate a FAQ platform that covers an extensive range of topics to help punters navigate the website and place bets properly. Topics include setting up an account, payments, help with sports betting, betting rules, security, and much more.

Additionally, suppose you have any questions that you can't find an answer to on the Ladbrokes website. In that case, customer support operatives are available via the company's Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you're looking for a speedier resolution, you can use the Live Chat feature to speak to a member of the Ladbrokes team.

Cash-out and Withdrawals 

Additionally, Ladbrokes operates a "cash-out" feature where players can stop a bet by cashing out. This allows users to have more control over their bets and minimise losses in the process. The cash-out option is available for a range of different sports, allowing punters to change their minds.

Withdrawals must be approved by Ladbrokes. Once a withdrawal has been reviewed and approved, it will be processed. The fastest way to withdraw money is with Visa's Fast Funds option, which sends your money within four hours. PayPal is another good option if you're looking for speedy withdrawals, as the funds usually arrive in your account within eight hours. If you're in less of a rush, standard withdrawals from Visa and Mastercard usually take between one to three days. Bank transfers take slightly longer, at two to four days, until the money reaches your account.

The Grid

If you'd like to access funds immediately, Ladbrokes has introduced The Grid, a free loyalty card that allows users to unlock benefits, offers and perks such as free bets, money back offers and the chance to win prizes. Rewards include discounts at participating UK racecourses, cinemas, pubs and restaurants.

To allow punters to manage their Ladbrokes account on the go, The Grid lets users transfer winnings to their account to use online or deposit and withdraw funds in a Ladbrokes shop. The app also allows users to use the in-app camera to scan bet slips to track bets and cash out wherever they are. Additionally, the Accas feature enables users to track the live status of their bets using a 14-digit reference number. It couldn't be easier to keep track of all of your bets in one place.

To claim your Grid Card, visit the Ladbrokes website, go to The Grid page and click 'join now'. Once you do this, you'll be shown a 12-digit Grid Card number.

Ladbrokes Betting Shop Opening Times Today 

To find out the closing times or your local Ladbrokes opens, use the Store Locator to find the opening times for your local branch. Alternatively, you can place bets online or via mobile phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Additionally, you can create online accounts to deposit funds and place bets from the comfort of your home.

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If you're searching for your local Ladbrokes betting shop opening times then you can find all the information you need here quickly and simply. You might need the opening times on Sunday, today or on Saturday for a Ladbrokes betting shop. 


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Bookies Near Me Now Search the Whole of the UK Now, Every Town, City, Village, Stadium, Sports Venue in the Country Search: TOWN OR POSTCODE I Want to Find All the Nearest Bookmakers Shops to My Current Location Start your search today and use the useful search function entering your town or postcode to discover all betting shops within the vicinity and a specific radius of your current location. Betting Shops Near Me. What are the Opening Times? When will they close? Will the business hours differ each day this week? What about Bank Holidays? Looking for a betting shop near you, now, isn’t always as simple as doing a quick search online. There are lots of things you’re probably thinking about when you’re looking for the nearest betting shop to where you are. What type of bet are you looking for? Not all bookies are the same.

Some betting shops in your area might have lots of betting terminals and not really have much information about the horses. If you’re looking to pop in and place a bet on a quick tip you’ve just picked up, you want somewhere that’ll have all the horse racing. Want to place a football accumulator? Then you’ll want to be sure the bookies you visit aren’t just going to send you off to their website. If you’re not keen on the way odds are done by one particular chain of bookmakers, you need to be able to avoid their shops. At the same time, you might be a fan of a more traditional betting shop, and that’s the type you want to find now. So many choices of Brands, Stores, Online, Mobile, Tablet Computer With nearly 8,500 betting shops in the UK, it’s likely that there are a few near you at any moment. Nearly half of those shops are owned by Ladbrokes, so the chances of one being in the same town are pretty high! About 1000 betting shops don’t belong to the big brands. They’re definitely not as common so the chances of one being nearby are somewhat lower.


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They can be worth looking for, the experience is going to be different to your standard chain shop that have with same odds and same games everywhere. Why Not Bet Online? There’s loads of reasons people don’t gamble online. Betting online is obviously very convenient and a huge growth market for the gambling industry as a whole. The next generation are questionably adopting new technologies at a faster pace that traditional older gamblers. However, the whole industry is changing and adapting to new laws, regulations and technological advances. Going to your local betting shop remains a past time of many people in the UK and is an experience you can’t match whilst betting at home or on your mobile.

You may prefer to bet with the cash in your pocket. You like the atmosphere in a bookies. Betting shops obviously offer an advanced user experience with live coverage of many betting markets. It’s nice to actually watch the events you are betting on. Often this all part of the fun and something you should obviously enjoy responsibly. Need An Excuse to Get Out of the House? It’s nice to get out! You can obviously bet 24 hours at day online via a huge array of betting website and mobile applications but sometimes is just nice to get out and socialise! Betting a small amount with friends is a nice social experience as long as it’s under control and you don’t bet more than a small modest amount.


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Then enjoy the experience! But it’s worth checking the nearest betting shops if you are travelling and aren’t sure where the near shop is compared to your current location. How Can You Bet In Store? There is a wide range of payments options for betting online and in your nearest shop. It’s always worth checking but you can expect to be able to use all major credit or debit cards and of course old fashioned cash, money when in store. The internet is still there to help you, though. A good search engine will help you find a betting shop near to you when you need it. An even better search engine will let you filter out the types of shops that you don’t want, or the things that are important to you.

Finding the Best Betting Shop in My Area Now Right now, you’re probably close to a few betting shops. In your work van, you don’t want to be traipsing around unfamiliar one-way systems, or battling through a school run. Same if you’re doing your job in the suburbs, you not going to be keen on routing all the way into the town centre. Betting Shop Store Locator Search Near My Location By using a decent search engine [link to the site homepage?] that can link up to the maps app that you use on your phone, you’re nearly home and dry. Once you’ve got the names of the local betting shops to you, and they’re up on the map, you can see how easy it will be to get to any one of them.


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Is My Local Ladbrokes Bookmaker Shutting Down? How Many Betting Shops will there be in the future? Ladbrokes bookies near me open now opening times. There are a huge number of betting shops in almost every town throughout the UK. Ladbrokes is one of the largest bookmakers in the UK and having now merged with Coral to form LadbrokesCoral has a huge presence. Ladbrokes is one of the oldest and largest betting brands in the UK with a huge selection of betting markets and betting options. You can expect huge variety, coupled with excellent technology, a wide variety of payment options, online and phone support. There will also be promotions and deals for new customers, players when you sign up to their online offering for the first time. Where is the nearest Ladbrokes bookies near me now?


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I’m looking for specific details of a shop near my location. I’d like to find out the contact telephone number of my local bookies near me. I’d also like to know if there is a direct email address or live chat option to get in touch if I have support question or would like to know the opening hours today. When can I expect the shop the close today? How can I apply for a job at my local betting shop? Are there any promotions available in store at my local bookies which aren’t available online or via the mobile application. What is the best way to make a complaint about my local betting shop? Are they likely to listen to my issue? Would it be best to raise my complaint at head office or online rather than going in store locally? I’m also concerned my local bookmaker will be closing down and shutting permanently. How many Ladbrokes betting shops are there in the UK? Why are Ladbrokes shops closing down? Is this definitely going to happen? Is it because of the maximum bet laws in betting shops? or more likely because Coral and Ladbrokes have merged so will look to cut costs if there are particular shops very near to each other.


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Are shops also closing because more people like to bet online and on mobile which can be more convenient that going in store to your local bookies. Very similar to most of the market which has been less people going in store and instead shopping online and via mobile for convenience. Can I search the best route to a bookmakers in my area locally? That way even if one shop in further by distance, it might be easier to drive to and park outside or near? Will you provide this type of information to help me?Are there any Ladbrokes bookies shutting down near me? How can I search for all the shops which are shutting down in my area now. Ladbrokes Store Locator for Betting Shops Nearest to Me Now When you’re travelling throughout the UK such as an away day at football games, most people will not have developed with technology and have access to Ladbrokes via their smart phone, iphone, android mobile.

Sometimes it’s nice to still go into a traditional store for the experience, it’s easy to use our website application to locate all the nearest shops to a particular location including a postcode, town or football stadium helping you find the store you want, check the opening times, see reviews for that specific shop, find our what facilities are available there and any shop specific promotions available today. Ladbrokes Betting Shop Reviews, Check Your Local Store It’s always worth checking what other gamblers think of your local betting shop. It may help you with suggestions of better ways to gamble such as via the online website, tablet or mobile application which can be used 24 hours a day.


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Although there may be benefits of using a betting shop near me now, such as in store promotions, live coverage of betting markets and the traditional experience of a bookmaker shop. How Can I Check the Opening Times of a Bookies Near Me Now? Depending which town you are currently in, be it a large city or small, less populated location. The business hours of shops will differ from location to area depending on those which are busier, the day of the week, weekends, bank holiday and the time of year will also have a role in determining how long a Ladbrokes bookies near me if open each day.

Will Betting Shops be Shutting Down? How Can I Check if my Local Bookmaker is Going to Close Down? It’s true there have been some legal changes in the UK regarding the betting industry and this has impacted the size of bets gamblers are able to make. There has been speculation that the drive over the online betting and gambling via mobile applications which mirrors the retail sector as a whole, could lead to shops closing. We aim to keep our website and application up to date with all the likely store closures so you can keep a track if a local betting shop near me now if likely to shut it’s doors for good in the future. What will they be replaced with? There are so many empty shops now on our high streets, it’s a wonder how they will be replaced.


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Ladbrokes is one of the UK's most popular bookmakers, with both an online website and thousands of high street stores in almost every town and city. Ladbrokes bookies shop opening times today is something we are regularly asked about, and we're here to tell you everything you need to know about this world-famous bookmakers. While the Ladbrokes bookies shop opening times today will vary depending on your location, their long opening hours means you shouldn't find it too difficult on any given day to visit and make bets at your nearest Ladbrokes store. With Ladbrokes stores all over the UK, there doesn't seem to be much need for a website. But Ladbrokes are renowned for embracing the digital age, and their thriving website means you can have access to any of Ladbrokes' services no matter where you are and what the time of day.

The Ladbrokes History Ladbrokes may have bookmakers in virtually every town, but the chain certainly had humble beginnings. Founded by W. H Schwind who lived in Ladbroke House and Mr Pennington, a horse trainer, Ladbrokes definitely had a slow start with the 2 training horses together and working as a bookmaker for a few years before it took off. Eventually, Arthur Bendir joined the venture and punters began to back for and against the horses. Gambling was becoming more popular, and the company was sold to Cyril Stein who played the lead role in making Ladbrokes what it is today. While Ladbrokes began attracting rich men from gentlemen clubs in Central London, Stein soon began sponsoring greyhound tracks.


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This brought in punters from all walks of life and even today Ladbrokes is seen as a welcoming and friendly bookmakers no matter what your interests and background. A Change in the Law Ladbrokes bookies shop opening times today are very different to what they used to be. The law changed regarding gambling in 1961, but despite this there were still heavy regulations on gambling shops. The law changed to allow physical betting shops, but with limited opening hours and blacked out windows. This new law was all the encouragement Ladbrokes needed and they soon opened up their own store. They invested their profits into new shops and became the first chain bookmaker in the UK. Ladbrokes Bookies Shop Opening Times Today The Ladbrokes bookies shop opening times today are very different to how they used to be, with far less regulations in place.

Nowadays, most Ladbrokes stores are open 7 days a week, and for much longer hours than standard high street shops. The location of the shop will determine the opening hours of any given Ladbrokes bookmakers. Those in London tend to open earlier and close later, especially in commuter areas where many people are walking past the store as early as 7am. London bookmakers (not just Ladbrokes) generally open at 7.30am and close at around 10 pm depending on the day of the week. Ladbrokes bookmakers shop opening times today in smaller towns will usually be shorter. Most will open at 8am and close around 9pm, although this does also depend on the day of the week.


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As a general rule, Ladbrokes bookies shop opening times today are 8am to 10 pm Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 10 pm on Saturdays and 9.30am to 10 pm on Sundays. This will vary according to your location but as opposed to standard high street shops, bookmakers' opening hours are usually very similar on a Sunday to the rest of the week. If you are unsure about your nearest Ladbrokes bookies shop opening times today, it's best to check with the individual store. Bank Holiday Opening Times Most bookmakers are open year-round, including bank holidays. In fact, the only day that Ladbrokes is closed is Christmas Day, opening even on Boxing Day and New Years Day.

However, it's best to check with the individual store before making the trip down to your local Ladbrokes! Ladbrokes Bookies Near Me Ladbrokes are a hugely successful British bookies and now have shops in almost every town. With well over 4000 Ladbrokes shops around the UK, it'll be easy to find your nearest Ladbrokes - watch out for that red logo! If you're in the middle of nowhere, the Ladbrokes website is easy to use and available 24/7. Ladbrokes Online Unfortunately, Ladbrokes bookies aren't open all night long, but as opposed to just having to make do once they close, punters can now visit their thriving website. This is available 24/7 and is seriously fun, allowing punters to make bets, play games and use any other Ladbrokes service whenever they like. With Ladbrokes keeping up to date with technologies as they arise, customers can now enjoy a far more engaging online experience with Ladbrokes.


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Enjoy mobile betting, apps and betting in-play from the comfort of your home, perfect if you're at work or on holiday and can't make it down to your nearest Ladbrokes store. With Sports, Casino, Slots, Games, Live Casino, Bingo and Poker, there's a huge amount to do. Types of Bets You're spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing what to bet on at Ladbrokes. As well as the usual bets, they have a range of games that can be played both online and in-store. Football bets can be placed on matches all over the world.

Before making a bet, check out the team and their most recent form. Punters can bet on who they think will win, the number of goals scored, the score at half or full time, the correct score, or who they think will be the goal scorer - plus so much more! Betting on horse racing is also extremely popular at Ladbrokes and is one of the best sports for spectators. Customers can make bets on the horse they think will win, win or place, or bet on a few separate outcomes. There is potential to win huge money in horse racing, as there's so much potential for it to go any way. This makes it one of the most popular and exciting sports to bet on.


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Responsible Gambling Ladbrokes are committed to responsible gambling and helping their customers have the best experience possible both at their store and on their website. While gambling is fun, sociable and hugely exciting, there is potential to take it too far and Ladbrokes look out for their customers and encourage them to gamble responsibly. Ladbrokes have a section on their website focused on responsible gambling and what to do if you know someone who seems to be developing a problem with their gambling. Their budget calculator allows you to see where your money is going, which can be very eye-opening and help you reduce your spending (either on gambling or other things). If you can't possible wait for the Ladbrokes Bookies shop opening times today, head to their website to see what's on. With a fantastic summer of sport including Wimbledon, Ascot races and much more, there's a huge amount of fun to be had and potential money to be won. With years of experience and a commitment to customer service, Ladbrokes are now thought of as one of the UK's best bookies.


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Find the business hours of your local Ladbrokes betting shop and confirm the opening times today and on Sunday. 

In the UK you'll need to get store locators for your nearest bookie, but you may also need to confirm the opening hours today and closing times. You can find all the hours of business in your town here. If you are looking to find Ladbrokes shop opening times for bookmakers and betting shops in your area then you'll be able to get the opening hours at any time for a bookie in your area. Ladbrokes have a vast array of bookies all over the UK and you'll be able to locate a store in your town quickly and with minimal effort. If you need the opening times on Sunday, Saturday or today then you'll be able to get the hours here when you need it.

Sunday is a key day of the betting week when most of the population is enjoying their weekend but business hours may differ from other days throughout the week. It's always advisable to check the opening hours of your nearest Ladbrokes betting shop before you travel. This is particularly important is 2019 with the current changes to the gambling industry. 


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Find a UK Bookies Nearest to Me in My Area Now. Whether you’re a regular at an online gamble and want to experience the real thing, just moved to a new town, or your current bookies just isn’t up to scratch anymore, it’s good to know how to search for a bookmakers. Sometimes just Googling ‘find a bookies near me’ will turn up exactly what you need, and at other times, you’ll be scrolling through website after website without ever getting the answers that you need. Luckily, I’ve been in that situation a few times before, which is why I’ve put together this guide on the top bookmakers in the country, so I would know what my options were when I wanted to find a bookies near me.

What Are the Options for Betting Brands in the UK? How Far is the Nearest Shop to me Now? There’s no point searching for a bookies if you’re not really sure what you’re looking for. Knowing the different bookmakers and their history is a great start to finding the one close by that best fits your needs. Some are old, some are new, and all have their own way of conducting business. So, let’s have a rundown of the top high street bookmakers in the UK. Find a Bookies Near Me.


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Can I get a Full List of all the Shops, Distance to me? How to Get There? William Hill Shops, Opening Times, Closing Hours, Weekends, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays. Started in 1934, William Hill is one of the largest bookmakers. At first, they were against having a physical store, believing that it wasn’t necessary. They had enough customers that they didn’t even need one, with over 500,000 punters. Eventually however, they saw which way the profits were going, and now have over 2,300 high street stores. In 2009, like many other bookmakers, they moved their online division to Gibraltar in order to avoid paying tax. William Hill has also been in trouble for failing to detect money laundering in the past; not noticing that large amounts of cash being deposited were linked to criminal activity. They were fined £5million for this regulation breach.

Ladbrokes Coral Groups Shops in London and all Towns, Cities and Villages in the Country Ladbrokes is no stranger to the bookmaking game, having been around since 1896. Named after a local town they, like many others, were focused around house racing and was established on tracks around the UK. Ladbrokes was one of the first to set up when betting shops were legalised in 1961, quickly opening 100 premises to hungry punters. After that, the profits kept rolling in for them and they were one of the first companies to go public. Coral started a little later than Ladbrokes, but soon became one of the UKs favourite bookies. In 2016 Labrokes and Coral merged, making them one of the largest bookmakers in the world.


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Betfred Shops, Bookmakers, Bookies throughout the UK and in all Major Towns Betfred is another company that was started by two brothers, Fred and Peter Done. They originally worked for their father’s bookmakers before branching out on their own. The reason that they had the capital to do this was a lucky bet of their own – England to win the World Cup Final in 1966! Originally, they were known as Done Bookmakers, not using the Betfred name until 2004 when they started the online part of their business. Betfred is known for its innovativeness, which has meant that they are still expanding where other stores are struggling. They came up with the Lucky 15 bet and were the first store to pay out early on bets.

In 2011, Betfred bought the government owned Tote, pledging £155 million to horse racing charities. Paddy Power Shops in My Local Area Opening in 1988, Paddy Power is still a baby when it comes to bookmakers. In fact, even when it stated to become more common to be able to find a bookies near me, Paddy Power was one of the last to join the high street. However, now it is Ireland’s biggest export, with its telephone betting service setting it apart from the rest. It began as a merger between three different Irish bookmakers to develop into the bookies we now know and love, with over 600 stores on the high street. Paddy Power is well known for its light-hearted and at times controversial advertising methods, but it’s certainly all worked out for them, their merger with BetFair in 2016 is worth an estimated £10billion. Other Brands and the Online Betting Shopping Experience On my travels, I can sometimes find bookies near me that are independent, or part of a smaller chain of shops, but for the most, these big four dominate the high street.


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This is because the majority of the other household names are often to be found exclusively online. There are, of course, many reasons why someone might be more attracted to online betting than going into a brick and mortar store. For one, it’s easy to compare the different sites and get the best odds on your bets. The payouts can be higher at times as the sites have fewer overheads – meaning they can keep the costs down. You can also do it anywhere, which is probably the biggest draw. No need to get out of bed and go into town. You can bet from home, on your lunch break, on the train, wherever you might be. Why I Still Look to Find a Bookies Near Me For me, I like getting out of the house to place my bets. There’s something very impersonal about staring at a phone, whereas in the store you can interact with the cashier, with the other punters and celebrate or commiserate with them.

It also keeps me from betting more than I should. Online transactions make it so easy to deposit more money, but if I can find a bookies near me and only use cash, I won’t spend more than I should. What is the Best Way to Find Local Bookies Nearest to me Now Luckily, the bookies on our high streets are still going, even if new regulations on FOBTs are due to have a dramatic effect. There’s something great about standing and watching a race on the screen, slip in hand, hoping that this time Lady Luck will be with you. No matter the future, it’s unlikely that bookies as we know them will be gone for good, and the big names will keep on providing to punters the service that they’ve become known for.



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